Linen dish cloth

Växbo Lin
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A lovely gift for the home-maker, or as a 'new home' gift especially when combined with a natural kitchen cleaning or washing-up product.

33 x 33 cm

100% linen.


Linen has a smooth surface that repels dirt and stays clean longer than other textiles. The fact that it dries quickly reduces the risk of bacterial growth, which keeps it fresh for longer. So don’t wash when it’s not necessary.
Soak the new linen in lukewarm water for about 20-30 minutes before washing it. This prevents breaks on the fibre and contributes to more water in the washing machine and wash linen separately, do not mix with other materials as lint it can be released onto other items.
They do not recommend tumble drying as it shortens the life span of the linen but if you still want to do this to get a softer finish, don’t let it dry completely, a few minutes in the dryer before hanging it is usually enough.

This high quality dish cloth is woven via a technology that makes it porous and flexible.
Linen has the unique property of absorbing moisture better and then drying faster than any other natural material. A linen dishcloth absorbs effectively and can be wiped really dry.
When necessary, the linen dishcloth is machine washed at 60° or boiled in a pot of water on the stove.

100% linen that comes from nature, so when the cloth has done its job, it is put on the compost.

With a hanger that makes it easier to hang up the dishcloth to dry, and with finished edges and hemmed on two sides it will last for many years.

All Växbo Lin linen is marked with the Good Environmental Choice label (Bra Miljöval) because of its durability and environmentally friendly processing.

It is with pride that Växbo Lin work to preserve and develop Swedish cultural heritage. Växbo Lin started in 1990, in the same place where linen have been produced for centuries. It was a crazy project, to build a new factory when most of the Swedish industry began to move their production to countries with cheaper labour.

For them, it was most important that the Swedish industry survives so that jobs and knowledge can be preserved. They weave and sew their linen products in their factory in Hälsingland, literally weaving together established handicraft traditions with modern design.

Like us, Växbo Lin are committed to the ethical principle that we need to consume fewer but better things. Their contribution is products in pure linen, a natural material that will last for generations.


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