VOID cologne concentrée

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Colekt your urban escapism.
A longing to capture timeliness. You are the creator of the fragments that fill your life.

Void is the garden house with hight humidity and herbs with a timeless composition. It’s a traditional scent with modern details, making it a scent suited for young and more established generations.
Void starts out with cold notes of rhubarb and mint closely woven with citruses and warm basil. The scent quietly land in earthy minerals and dry wood that present a trustworthy, collected and confident person.

50ml  I  1.7fl.oz. Boxed

Spray lightly on the pulse points of the body, sensual areas where the warmth of the skin will release the notes of the scent over time. Use on the wrists, neck, décolletage and mist the air around you.

Colekt Cologne Concentreé collection captures sensations from natural elements and is a flirtation with the vibrant and cultural Stockholm city and the serene wild archipelago, influenced from impressions and expressions around the world now and then. Colekt Cologne Concentreé is a collection of three fragrances with distinct characters, La Chambre, Persona and Void.

Top notes – rhubarb, mint, bergamot, tangerine
Heart notes – basil, cardamom, clary sage, lavandin, juniper berry, orange blossom
Base notes: guaiac wood, cypress, balsam fir

Colekt your niche ... clean Fragrance and Skincare, an urban contemporary lifestyle for you. Colekt is a Stockholm-based brand in creation and exploration inspired by Scandi nature, the cultural heritage and seasonal mood. Colekt has an open eye for impressions and expressions around the world, in arts, fashion, design and architecture.

Colekt keeps it clean and green for you. The Colekt approach to sustainability is to consciously compose and develop Colekt Fragrance and Skincare with a slow sourcing of vegan exclusive natural ingredients and a slow responsible production in limited collections. The idea of Colekt is a conscious approach to sustainability as a brand and company, a circular slow qualitative process with collaborative partnerships adhering to Colekt Brand Values; Freedom, Conscious Sustainability, Innovation, Creativity and Exploration.

Natural ingredients: 92%
Swedish Production: Grasse, France


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