Discover L:A Bruket's new coastal skincare

Do you want to know why I have recently come to love the new skincare collection, that L:A Bruket have just created and launched only last month? It’s not usual with skincare that it’s love at first sight. Admittedly, there have been some brands/products that I saw, read about and just had to have before even trying them - but this doesn’t happen very often! 

When I was presented these products before launch, I was interested in the ingredients for sure. And the fact that it was L:A Bruket was enough for me to know that they would be first class. But I wasn’t hooked on the range at that point.

During this preview meeting, it was the serum that captured my attention - it felt great (yes, we all think a serum is just a serum, but after trying so many, this one was memorable), and the ingredients of moss extract and green algae called out to me. I am passionate about algae in skincare for its powerful defence against dehydration, UV damage and for countering the effects of free radicals through its high anti oxidant content. It is a great sustainable product, and is either harvested locally off Sweden’s West Coast or a leading scientific development in which Sweden excel at is through lab grown algae, produced in this instance with a leader in this field at the Swedish Alage Factory. 

Moss is also a wonderful, natural addition which is SO typical of the Nordic landscape. You will find it throughout these lands where it’s incredibly hardy properties allow it to survive, and thrive, in all conditions. It is selected as a key ingredient due to the ability that it has to hold on to moisture. Think of a plump, bouncy dome of moss on a sand dune or nestled within rocks. This plump cushioned feeling will be that of your skin after regular use! 

It was once I took delivery of the brand, and begun to regularly use the collection of 7 items, I can say categorically that I quickly became hooked. 

The two cleansers are a perfect combination. Follow L:A Bruket’s two-stage cleansing routine and you’re left with a skin that feels clean - glowing, not tight. Used with the Hydra Firming Sea Mist and your face will feel like you’ve taken a drenching in the clearest of cold sea. Fresh and refreshed. Clean and readily primed for the goodness that is to follow.

The Replenishing Serum conditions and works on the skin’s regeneration system .. plumping, repairing and addressing uneven complexion. Continue with a choice of hydrator. 

Protective Fluid for a lighter moisturising option that contains the magical algae, this time with the wondrous Sea Lavender which is also a powerful antioxidant and a plant source of hyaluronic acid - that absolute must for hydration. Non greasy and perfect for using during sports, or for an oiler skin which makes it great for men’s faces too. Or alternatively, maybe needed more or the winter months, an older skin or anyone that craves the richness of this superb cream, then I would undoubtedly recommend the Regenerating Cream. This has firmly become one of my ‘must haves’ but I cannot go without bringing your attention to the Eye Cream.

Honestly, eye creams have not been high on my priority list in the past. I know, I know - why spend on all manner of things to make us look good and yet neglect the delicate eye tissue? Rich creams, nor oils are suitable, so you cannot just extend your face products around the eye area. It just produces bags, or your make up slips as soon as you apply it. BUT … for the first time I can say I actually LOVE an eye cream! This cream is absorbed super quick, but leaves the skin feeling cool, matt and hydrated. Fine lines disappear and there is total comfort as soon as you have applied it. 

Including local plants such as  Coralline red algae for its effectiveness in smoothing crow’s feet. Acting on the microcirculation, it reduces dark circles by increasing the luminosity of the eye contour and reducing the bags under the eyes.

Combined with  polyphenol-rich Nordic cotton extract (a plant that grows in harsh conditions in Scandinavia), it helps soothe, bring comfort and protect from the signs of ageing.  Everyone should really have this in their skincare line up!

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