Nature and science combine

Having my own Nordic Beauty Store, I take much delight in exploring the incredible beauty brands with stand out products that sum up all that is great and good about this regions extensive larder of raw ingredients, the powerhouse of design and innovation and the mentality that wants to combine nature - and traditional knowledge and recipes, handed down through the culture - with the latest biotech.

So many brands are doing this so well. Djusie is a champion of F-Beauty. The land of forests, & lakes, the knowledge to forage for antioxidant-rich wild blueberries, tap birch trees for its high mineral and antioxidant content and then deliver a modern brand with as much to offer the world as renowned K-Beauty.

From Finland, where generations of women develop innovative small companies to create products from these resources, often to traditional recipes, but always organic, always natural and always with respect to the environment. These are key for any Finnish beauty consumer, who wouldn’t expect anything less. This is the knowledge behind Flow Cosmetics, SEES Company and the champions of skin minimalism, Aiva Organics.

From Denmark there are brands that I use, I enjoy using and I recommend them with commitment for their clean credentials, wild sourced plants and glacial waters combined with scientific knowledge and extensive testing from dermatologists. We know that they are good, we can see the results and we love how they look. Take a closer look at Woods Copenhagen and The Witchery CPH - you’ll love them as much as I do.

Perhaps I have a slight bias towards Sweden (now that I am a ‘new Swede’) but I can say that I have yet to find a bakuchiol that surpasses that from local brand Tash sisterhood, found in their Retinoil.

With their commitment to raw plant power that uses their ingredients within hours of harvesting to create some real effective anti ageing, natural skincare products, this is a small independent brand that I have supported since I first discovered them as a consumer, many years ago now when they just launched onto the market.

Now a skincare brand has just emerged from the waters of Sweden’s West Coast that's potentially the best total range yet. From the worldwide favourite that is L:A Bruket. 


One of my particular passions is seaweed in skincare due to it’s powerful ability to hydrate, protect from environmental damage, and it’s mineral-rich content, plus it’s sustainability. 

Alongside costal plants such as Sea Aster, Moss and Nordic Cotton, add Wild Blueberry and Sea Buckthorn - this range is Nordic nature in a (super stylish) bottle.

Combining Swedish nature with biotechnology is how they have delivered this beautiful range of 7 launch products. 

I can honestly and genuinely say that all of the items are exceptional. In terms of ingredients, for sure. How they look is to be expected from one of Sweden’s iconic brands, and as gender neutral, understated luxury they will be a must-have for most beauty lovers. 

But the textures, and feel of my skin from the first use is notable. 

282 Regenerating Cream is rich, not sticky, fresh, nourishing and simply gorgeous! I am sure it will keep my skin cocooned through the cold winter. 

Their recommended double cleansing routine is a treat; the 278 Hydra Firming Sea Mist a spritz of sea air - with extra benefits! Try the 280 Eye Revitalising Eye Cream with algae, it’s superb!Understandably, their hero product is the 279 Replenishing Serum, which in a world of serums stands out with extracts of moss, a luxurious texture and instant plumping effect. You really have to experience them as a total immersion in all that this region stands for.

Read more on Algica, the Swedish biotech algae production company, here.

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