Ugly Beauty

I’m not always a fan of sweet things or florals, having been a bit of a rebel against all things girly in the past. Of course, always a lover of beauty, cosmetics & fashion, but drawn to those that are more raw, more natural and with ‘an edge’. 

Those that respect & honour their origins, not hide them in any way. 

I’m thinking specifically here of those beauty products that go against the mainstream of pretty femininity, girly colours and concoctions, scented of florals, or just soft, plain neutrality.

Products that aren’t afraid of being themselves, of being rough or - dare I say - ugly! Sludgy colours, honest fragrances and real textures. Explore this with me, through some of my absolute favourites from our Nordic Beauty Store.

Blackberry & Dill face & Neck Oil, from The Witchery CPH

From the first day I opened the store in Ystad, I’ve loved the entire collection from The Witchery CPH, and have enjoyed a great working friendship with the creator, Anna Halsall, having learnt so much from her vast knowledge of sustainable production of the aromatherapy oils and other EU-sourced, organic raw ingredients she uses with oil combinations that are real magic for the skin.

One of a number of new products she has just released came to be after her discovery in an obscure science journal of how Dill & Blackberry oils combine to increase their individual effectiveness regarding the repair of collagen and reduction of lines in the skin. 

Liquorice crisp, anyone?

The current, fresh batch of this face & neck oil has a strong scent of liquorice, which you must admit is quite unusual for a beauty product. The Scandinavians are well known for their love of liquorice but I am not sure if they will take to it in their skincare … poured all over an ice cream …some liquorice crisps? Yes! These are real foods, and to the Nordic people, delicious! Massage an amazing oil which is going to firm and repair your face & neck, adding moisture and lustre - hmm, do I want this smell?

And the colour! It’s a dark greeny yellow serum - more like stagnant water from a hidden pond in a forest fed by years of decaying leaves & swampy moss. And I love this too! It’s not glittery gold, shiny magic, but unadulterated plant power.

Djusie Acid Bloom

This is a liquid essence to use on the face after cleansing, pressing into clean skin with the palms of your hands and prepping the skin for the rest of the good things to follow. Balancing the skin’s  pH value & microbiome, leaving it dry to the touch as it works its’ wonders. With a main ingredient of organic apple cider vinegar, this scent does not get masked by added perfumes. I love its’ less than common smell. Add to the mix the brown reishi mushroom, which fights inflammation, and it is a fantastic skincare product which I love and use every day. 

The packaging too goes against the grain, with bold coral, green and yellow striped glass. A definite must have for the beauty shelf!

Another recent launch of a wondrous hand serum attacks discolouration & repairs damaged hands with powerful brown algae. This natural seaweed blend is a magical product from L:A Bruket, whose home is on Sweden’s West coast where the seaweed is harvested by hand. Not really a pretty product but certainly a powerful one, and a delight to use.

There’s much more to discover! This is going to need a further post, so do follow, enjoy our recommendations and experience the raw nature captured in the bottles.

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