Why Bare Nordic Beauty?

What is our Ikigai?

As we launch our international web shop, I’ve had many moments of thinking “What will motivate people to buy from us?” - why are we here? What gets us up in the mornings?

Every time I have these feelings, it just takes me a few moments to mentally adjust from the negative thinking to crystallising in my mind what it is we exactly stand for at Bare Nordic Beauty.

Personally, we are lovers of the incredible place in which we now live and the wider region that includes not just Sweden, our home, but also Denmark that lies just a short crossing over The Bridge (yes, that one!) Norway, Finland, Iceland & Greenland too make up ‘the Nordics’. United in many ways, but also with distinct cultural, geographical and many other differences.

Shared Nature

One of the most relevant connections is the physical landscape. Shared borders, mountain ranges, forests and waters. Native plants with associated cultural histories of foraging for wild berries, mushrooms, spruce shoots & birch leaves. Hardy species that take care of themselves in wide extremes of weathers. Cold seas. These we share.

And as the people have for centuries made use of their resources, and enjoyed & protected their environment, we find that these same people have created products - that have given rise to brands - that capture the spirit, the essence and the power of the region’s treasures.

It is these very special products, that are created by very special people, and using very special ingredients that we want to share.

Sustainabilty goals

With priorities such as sustainability, transparency, ethical production, reputable sourcing of raw materials & packaging, organic & vegan products, highest quality of ingredients and absolutely damn good design!

This is what enables these makers from the Nordics to stand out. This is what we stand for, and support, and have a passion to deliver.

Many of the brands that you will find in our store are emerging brands, niche beauty, small production makers. This is an important speciality to us.

Let us introduce you. Buy with confidence that we know all of these products, these brands and very often the actual people behind them. 

Understand the important point of why these products exist. Because those who have created them have felt passionately that they can deliver something that is honest, genuine, authentic and true to their principles. Values in terms of high quality ingredients, sustainable and ethical production. Beautiful items to use.

Quality over quantity

It’s not about selling ‘stuff’ for the sake of it. It’s about providing us all with the best we can have. and often its actually about buying less. Sometimes spending a little more, but overall purchasing fewer things.

Wild grown berries provide more antioxidants than those cultivated under glass or poly tunnels - and who could argue that we would all prefer to have thousands of acres of forest with native trees, berries, fungi, leaf matter and all the associated animals, birds, bugs and beauty (not withstanding the oxygen-carbon cycle of course) than acres of plastic-covered farmland?

Or seaweed - naturally harvested from Sweden’s west coast, and used extensively in skincare for its hydrating, repairing, and sun-filtering benefits.

You will benefit from these incredible plants, not only in results achieved but in the textures, the scents and the knowledge that you are able to experience some of their magic.

Choose one or two special items and go with your instincts that you are making a great choice, in terms of quality, value for money, for the environment, and know that you will enjoy using some fantastic products that will only enrich your beauty & wellbeing.

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