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Cupping therapy is a holistic technique that uses suction cups to create a vacuum that gently lifts the skin and underlying tissues. Cupping stimulates lymphatic drainage which expels waste products and excess fluid trapped in the fat cells and fascia. It is a great safe, at home treatment for men & women 

5 min cupping massage gives the same effect as 30 min sports massage!

4 Cups of various sizes to treat all parts of the body, delivered in a smart gift presentation cardboard tube.

Apply Body Oil to the skin on the area you want to treat, squeeze the cup and place it on the skin. Release the cup to create suction and slide it over the skin in an upward motion

• Your skin turns red when the blood vessels react to the pressure change

• Make sure to always apply plenty of oil and keep your cup moving

• If it feels too intense, gently release some suction by squeezing it lightly to let in some air

• Sometimes red marks may appear, but should not be confused with bruises. They are completely harmless, disappear quickly and indicate the release of waste products

• Be careful on the face and do not touch Rosacea or broken blood vessels

• Increased blood and lymph circulation
• Provides effective and deep connective tissue massage
• Fast pain relief, recovery from stiff and tense muscles
• Reduces swollen legs and removes excess fluid and metabolic waste products
• Facial cupping increases collagen production, reduces fine lines and provides an immediate face-lifting effect and glow.

Stress and anxiety can increase cellulite, but cupping therapy can help reduce stress hormones and have a positive impact on your well-being. Cupping is a popular therapy for cellulite, which is usually used on the buttocks, thighs, arms and other areas and the effect is:

• It improves blood circulation and provides deep tissue massage, which can reduce cellulite by supplying oxygen and nutrients to the skin

Acu Cups are made of 100% silicone that are BPA free and FDA, ROHS, LFGB, REACH certified.

Nordic Superfood By Myrberg helps you to live a sustainable and healthier life in a Nordic Way by developing multifunctional health and beauty products with documented effects from the wild Nordic nature.

Nordic Superfood was founded by Linda Myrberg, who is an acupuncturist and holistic spa expert with over 25 years of experience and broad expertise in health, with roots in both Western and Eastern teachings. Myrberg has appeared as a TV coach, health expert, and writer for various magazines, and gives lectures with presentations such as "Nordic Super Health," "Botox or Broccoli," "Holistic Beauty from the Inside Out," and more.



Djusie is a visionary F-Beauty brand offering a high-quality natural skincare. But what do we actually mean by F-Beauty?

K-Beauty, known as the umbrella term for Korean skincare, is already an institution admired throughout the world. When we first started creating Djusie, it suddenly hit us like a lightning: Why doesn’t F-Beauty exist yet?

F-Beauty stands for Finland but the other F-word, functionality, is essential too.

In Finland, we’re sometimes too good at it. We need little wakeup calls to remember the importance of self-care, indulgence, and pleasure. That’s why each Djusie product comes with a dedicated ritual. Needless to say, they are enjoyable, highly effective and simple by design.

Every movement starts with the first steps. Our ambition is not to compete with institutions like K-Beauty or make F-Beauty famous. Our goal is to celebrate our own natural Finnish way of doing things – and share the juiciest fruits with you.