Full Bloom giftset

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Full Bloom Box contains all of Djusie's three first products for your complete skincare routine in a beautiful gift set.

Djusie Full Bloom Box is a real triple treatment. It contains everything your skin needs to maintain the juicy look and feel in all seasons: abundant hydration, pH balance and healthy skin barrier function.

The box holds all of Djusie's three love children: Liquid Silk Perfect Cleansing Oil, Acid Bloom Balancing Essence and Fruit Glaze Vitalising & Brightening Facial Oil, all in full size.


The Djusie Full Bloom Box also includes a mini version of the annual limited edition of Djusie Original Art Print.

100ml glass bottle Liquid Silk Cleansing Oil

100ml glass bottle of Acid Bloom Essence

30ml glass bottle with Fruit Glaze Facial Oil pipette

Made in Finland

Djusie is a visionary F-Beauty brand that offers a high-quality range of natural skin care products certified by Ecocert.



Djusie is a visionary F-Beauty brand offering a high-quality natural skincare. But what do we actually mean by F-Beauty?

K-Beauty, known as the umbrella term for Korean skincare, is already an institution admired throughout the world. When we first started creating Djusie, it suddenly hit us like a lightning: Why doesn’t F-Beauty exist yet?

F-Beauty stands for Finland but the other F-word, functionality, is essential too.

In Finland, we’re sometimes too good at it. We need little wakeup calls to remember the importance of self-care, indulgence, and pleasure. That’s why each Djusie product comes with a dedicated ritual. Needless to say, they are enjoyable, highly effective and simple by design.

Every movement starts with the first steps. Our ambition is not to compete with institutions like K-Beauty or make F-Beauty famous. Our goal is to celebrate our own natural Finnish way of doing things – and share the juiciest fruits with you.